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Web Hosting

Web hosting tailored to your business

You wouldn’t want to face huge bills for services you don’t use, that’s why elysium:host offers bespoke web hosting, suiting your business needs,


We provide our web hosting on provided on fast servers with speed-optimised hardware, housed within a fast and secure data centre. This means the websites we host have the best chance of being delivered quickly to users’ web browsers.


Security is of the utmost importance at elysium:host. With a portfolio of over 60 clients and a specialisation in ecommerce, our hosting service is set up to repel malicious attacks and offer incredible uptime.

Transfer your existing websites

Backed by years of experience, elysium:host ensures the hosting transfer process is as painless as possible. We take clients’ websites and have them installed, set-up and tested on our servers before the website changes hosting. This ensures you have very minimum disruption.

Dependable hosting

Your business deserves rock solid hosting performance. Look to elysium:host. We are ready to provide expert web hosting advice, so chat to us now.

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