SEO Services

Website optimisation means more attention from potential customers

No matter how well you run your business, if it isn’t highly visible on the web, your competitors will benefit. That’s why elysium:online takes pride in helping businesses by providing SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. This is the difference between being top of Google’s search results or being an absolutely unknown brand.

SEO is a fine art that’s constantly changing as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines constantly change the formulas that generate the search results. Your business needs to be high up in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Positions) to gain new customers who are interested in what your company offers.

Bespoke SEO

As SEO is so important to online businesses today, our working knowledge is ready to benefit your company. We regard Search Engine Optimisation as an important factor, hence why we construct our websites with SEO in mind. We offer a professional service that fits in with established and emerging SEO practices. Our existing clients already enjoy targeted traffic at incredibly high levels.

Tell elysium:online as much about your business as possible, and we’ll work to ensure your brands are well represented in the search results for the fields your company operates in. Our clients already benefit from Page 1 positioning in their respective industries.

Good SEO is embedded in our work

The pitfalls of bad SEO can ultimately mean your website being penalised by Google and others to the extent where you’re banned from the search results. We’ve heard of horror stories where companies have seen their incoming traffic reduced to zero because they relied on black hat SEO (unethical attempts at boosting their online presence). Stuffing your webpages too heavily with your desired keywords sends your domain tumbling down the SERPs.

It’s not just bad SEO which could mean you miss out on potential customers. Missing out on SEO practices means your company visibility is diminished. We’ve taken on clients whose existing websites had basic SEO (friendly URLs, relevant keywords, well-written titles, etc), yet did not include some of the advanced tricks of the trade. We gave these sites an ‘SEO makeover’ and soon they leapfrogged over their competition.

Whether you’re interested in setting up a basic website, a dynamic website or a comprehensive online shop, we’re ready to weave in SEO, tailored to your business. Contact elysium:online for quotes and advice.

Social Media marketing setup and design

Big business may dismiss Facebook and Twitter as a waste of time, yet it now plays an important part in SEO. Search engines never stand still, and it is their business to offer relevant search results to their users. As a result of this gear-shift, the likes of Google now incorporate real-time tweets and Facebook page updates. It’s also unsurprising that Google takes particular care to highlight YouTube videos, as a result of having purchased YouTube. At elysium:online, social media marketing is a new service we’re offering to our clientele.

Ecommerce website optimisation

The technologies we deploy in the ecommerce websites developed for clients come with expert-designed SEO policies. Your staff are able to edit products and services without losing SEO. We also offer simple Google Shopping import and export, along with analytics tools for comprehensive reporting.

Site Structure analysis

We tailor websites to be as friendly as possible to the search engines. At elysium:online, we know what the search engines want to see and so we ensure your site offers features for wide visibility in search results.

Link building

Bespoke off-page SEO is offered by elysium:online. Quality inbound linking to your site makes a huge difference to your brand’s SERPs.

Competitor analysis

Typical on-page and off-page SEO techniques don’t always result in instant benefits. Understandably, your competitors websites may be listed above you. This is why elysium:online takes care to recognise the biggest rivals in your industry. We look at what they’re doing right, what they’re missing, and apply these standards to your online presence.

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