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E-Commerce Websites

What is an e-commerce website?

When you want your customers to shop online, you need an e-commerce website set up. At elysium:online, we have the know-how to provide secure encrypted ordering, providing a revenue stream to your business.

E-commerce is short for Electronic Commerce. On your e-commerce website, your user chooses products they would like to purchase, our technology processes the order, recording payment and delivery instructions, serves a receipt for the transaction and sends all details of the transaction to your business for fulfilment and accounting.

Why we use SellerDeck technology

We’re established as official partners with SellerDeck e-commerce software. We use SellerDeck Catalog and SellerDeck Business for e-commerce websites. This technology is the leading type for professional shopping cart solutions.

It’s suited for small to medium businesses, and our experience with this software allows us to customise e-commerce sites to exactly fit your business. Deploying the relevant plug-ins and weaving in SEO means the online shopping experience you offer brings in new customers as well as allowing you to fine-tune the service to compete in your industry’s marketplace.

Not only that, but we actively use SellerDeck to sell goods online in a sister company of ours.  So we know how to operate it effectively as well as build e-commerce sites with it!

Other shopping technologies we use…

We have deployed other shopping cart software for our clients, such as Interspire, Magento and Zen Cart.


Ready to take on enterprise class organisations as well as small businesses, Magento is an obvious choice for large scale ecommerce. This software allows you to set up flexible coupon promotions, in-depth CRM and mobile commerce (including iPhone optimisation). You also get rich analytics and reporting tools.

Zen Cart

An open-source shopping cart solution with unlimited category depth, multiple sales modes, quantity discount management and discount coupons among their features. Highly user-friendly.

We offer bespoke ecommerce, just ask…

If any of the above confuses you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re keen to work with you. Our experience and knowledge can find a solution that fits your company’s needs.

We’re often asked to provide websites with customer relationship management, customer retention, analytics and catalogue editing. While we’re proud of our years of experience, we know the marketplace doesn’t stand still and it’s our working knowledge that helps keep our clients ahead in their respective industries.

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