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Email Not Working? Think “Norton360” or Avast!!!

Added: February 14, 2014

We are seeing a big increase in support calls from clients where their email seems to have stopped working.

In every case we have identified firewall/anti-virus software as the culprit.

If you use Norton360 then please make sure it is actually running. A recent update seems to cause Norton360 to stop running…. which then stops email programs from working because they’re trying to use the anti-virus program…. which isn’t running

If you use Avast then it seems to block email from using the internet following on from Avast updating itself. Simply disable Avast for 10 minutes, run your email program and perform a Send/Receive and then enable Avast again. This seems to cure the problem….. until Avast updates itself again!

I’m sure that in the course of time both of these two companies will sort these problems out….

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