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Do you know who your website is in bed with?

Added: September 18, 2013

Well, website hosting is a completely geeky, boring subject, right?  I’m mean, a website just sits there and does it’s job, doesn’t it?  And it doesn’t matter where in the online world it’s situated!


Very wrong!  There are various types of hosting ranging from the free hosting that came with another product (usually broadband) through to a dedicated server with those fantastical fanatical people at Rackspace.

The basic problem, as with many things in life, is that the cheaper you go the more problems it can bring.  Those problems may not be apparent – but problems there are!server-room_vs

Cheap hosting is usually arranged on what’s called shared hosting – which means that you have hundreds, possibly thousands, of websites all sharing the same server.  Apart from the obvious issues of slow response there is also the issue that they share the same IP address…. which means that if there are any dodgy sites on there or sites being used for spam then your website could well be tarred with the same brush by the likes of GoogleGuilty by association!!

If online reputation is important to your website then there are alternatives.

Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers are two products we have in our arsenal.  These allow you to control which websites go on your little corner of the online world – and if you have multiple websites then they usually end up cheaper than paying individual hosting fees (obviously, that statement isn’t true if you’ve gone for free hosting!!).

Here at Elysium:Online, we host hundreds of websites.  Yes, a good proportion of them are on shared hosting which we have no control over – but that is a conscious decision made by the site owner.  However, more and more clients are getting serious about their online reputation and are moving to Virtual Private Servers.

We also have an intermediate stage.  We run Virtual Private Servers and host websites on them as if it were shared hosting.  We call is “Select Hosting“.  We control every aspect of the hosting giving the benefits of your website being on a Virtual Private Server along with the benefit of shared hosting (i.e. reduced cost). And, without the downside of shared hosting – we know every website that sits on our hosting.

If you don’t know where your hosting company are hosting your website and which other websites are in bed with yours then you should ask the question of them.  After all, you wouldn’t want to catch something, would you?

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